What’s Driving Sky-High Mobile POS Valuations?

The mobile payment space continues to be moving at a quick pace: investors are saying Square is worth more than $3 billion; one in four retailers are reportedly deploying mobile technologies at the point of sale; and JC Penney says it wants to get rid of traditional checkout by the end of next year.

But what exactly is driving Square’s rapid growth in value? Why has mobile adoption at the point of sale picked up so much recently, and what does JC Penney’s stance on mobile say about larger retailers?

Big questions call for big answers, so we’ve brought ROAM Data CEO Will Graylin on to evaluate the current state of the mobile payments industry, and explain some of the key trends driving major technological and strategic changes.

Listen to the full interview with Graylin and MPD CEO Karen Webster below.


Will Wang Graylin

Founder and CEO

ROAM Data is Will’s fourth high-tech start up in the mobile and payments space, since his masters thesis at MIT on “Addressing The Complexity of Mobile Computing” in 1999. Founded in 2005 ROAM Data enables secure mCommerce applications and functions for small and large merchants across virtually any computing device. Previous credits include CEO of WAY Systems, the world’s first pocket size point of sale (POS) solution and service, acquired by Verifone: founder and CEO of EntitleNet, a security software company enabling Web and eCommerce applications with secure access management, sold to BEA Systems (now part of Oracle) and President of Marbles (later Skyfire Technologies,) the world’s first thin-client mobile software company focused on enterprise mobile workforce applications. Will earned two Masters degrees from MIT (MBA & MSEECS) after serving as a US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer for nearly 6 years, (he was the first Chinese immigrant to serve in that role, after being naturalized as a US citizen in 1987.)


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