How Cybercriminals Are Hijacking The Mobile Revolution

By Ben Carsley, Managing Editor (@BC_PYMNTS)

Are we truly in the midst of the Golden Era of mobile technology?

On one hand, consumers are projected to spend $235 billion via mobile transactions in 2013, which should certainly excite retailers and FIs. However, cybercriminals have noted the opportunity in this space as well, and view mobile as the next frontier to exploit.

What’s more, the threats against mobile are sophisticated and multifaceted. Cybercriminals can use mobile devices to steal information and commit payment fraud, and can remotely launch attacks from smartphones and tablets as well.

Yet for all the disruption fraudsters are creating via mobile, the security response throughout the industry is still in its infancy. 

To teach businesses how to combat this fraud, ThreatMetrix has released a new whitepaper that helps businesses understand:

  • Cybersecurity exploits used to steal information and launch attacks

  • Mobile attack vectors including malware, malicious apps, Wi-Fi exploits and VPN    masking

  • Why trust is a critical element for mobile business and security

  • A case study solution of effective defense against cybercrime activities from a mobile device

Download this whitepaper -“TrustDefender Mobile: Context-Based Authentication and Fraud Protection for Mobile Devices” – to get a comprehensive look at the latest threats from mobile devices, and learn how to better protect your business and customers.


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