Israeli Payments Tech Attracts International Attention

According to Israel 21, some of the largest retailers in Britain went to visit a four-day trade-show in Israel to view the latest payments technology for mobile payments, augmented reality, consumer engagement and consumer data. Retailer representatives who attended the event included Marks and Spencer, Tesco and John Lewis. The UK retailers were on a specific mission to meet with over 20 Israeli companies to observe Israel's latest retail technology products.

"The technologies on offer in Israel can enable these UK companies to further improve their efficiency as retailers, while also providing them with commercial assets to leverage a unique competitive advantage. This delegation serves as another layer in the strong, comprehensive technology-dialogue that exists between our two countries," Minister for Trade and Economic Affairs, Noah Shani said to Israel 21.

The trade and economic office at the Embassy of Israel in London and the UK Israel Tech Hub at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv was responsible for organizing the retailers' visit to the event.

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