MPayMe Introduces ZNAP Mobile Business App

MPayMe, a global business technology company, has announced the launch of its mobile business platform, called ZNAP, reported Finextra. MPayMe introduced the application at a VIP event, where invited guests made all drink orders and food payments with their mobile phones. ZNAP will have a commercial roll out soon and will serve customers in the UK and across Europe.

"The successful launch of ZNAP at QR-BAR to showcase our technology demonstrates how we offer customers a quick and easy way to order and pay - without the hassle of carrying money and credit cards, or waiting in long queues at the cash register. The ZNAP™ business platform also gives merchants a fantastic opportunity to understand customer preferences through aggregated purchasing data and to deliver the right types of incentives to selected segments to strengthen their loyalty," said Hooman Mazaheri, CEO Europe of MPayMe.

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