Payleven, BZP Launch Chip & PIN Services For German Transportation

Payleven, a European mobile card payments provider, and BZP, a German passenger traffic association, are working together to begin offering its Chip & PIN solution to all customers. BZP users will pay €69 for the device, and are required to pay a 2.75 percent fee for each transaction. Payleven will not require any contract or fixed fees, and will instead use a “plug and pay system.”

The BZP organization manages public transportation in Germany, which includes the operation of taxis and rental cars.

BZP president, Michael Mueller, commented in a press release, “Our mission is to back up the passenger traffic business. As the acceptance of card payments is a relevant topic in our industry, we are happy to have won payleven as a strong partner who will help our members in their daily business.”

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