Romania's First Bank Rolls Out Seamless mPayments

Seamless announced the first international launch of SEQR and will provide Garanti Bank in Romania with a new mobile payment solution, reports The Wall Street Journal. This new agreement will mark Garanti Bank as the first bank to roll out SEQR mobile payments for Romanian customers. The initiative will begin with a pilot project, which has already been finished. The mobile payments pilot will have a large-scale introduction into Romania

Romania has 3.5 million smartphone customers and this figure is contanstly growing. However, card use across the country still remains quite low.

“We are delighted that Garanti Bank can roll out SEQR in the Romanian market in such a short time. Romania has a fast-growing banking sector. It does not have the sluggishness of older banking structures, which is a huge advantage. Garanti Bank can therefore introduce modern payment solutions such as SEQR without needing to take other solutions into consideration,” said Peter Fredell, CEO of Seamless.

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