SmartyPig Introduces The Savings Equivalent Of ‘Like’ Button

SmartyPig, which provides an online savings account and a prepaid card, has created a Chrome plugin that will help its users save for purchases without logging into SmartyPig’s website, American Banker reported, adding that the OneClick icon will sit at the top of the browser.

“Every time a user decides to start planning ahead for a purchase, that person clicks on the SmartyPig icon and the plugin will present a form that’s prepopulated with a picture of the item, its price and the category under which it falls,” the site explained. “The user will then decide how much to start saving initially and additionally designate how much she wants to sock away and when. The cash can be moved into a bankaccount, prepaid card or gift card. The user will have to log in through the Chrome plugin every time the browser launches.”

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