Star Shines A Light On mPayments And Loyalty

When it comes to mobile payments, the message most companies have received is clear: keep up with the change, or be left behind.

It’s a part of the payments landscape that’s somewhat self-evident now, as smartphone penetration rates grow, tablet use increases and major payments players all vie to let you pay anywhere at any time.

Some payments player, though, have invested in and adapted to mobile faster than others. According to Chris Duffy, senior sales director at Star Micronics, for her company, staying ahead of the mobile curve has been a huge key to success. spoke with Duffy about payments’ mobile movement, as well as how she believes Star’s products engender loyalty in increasingly competitive markets.

Duffy says that Star has been manufacturing and selling printing solutions for over three decades, and that the company has taken a specific focus on integration with point of sale solutions and payments. Because Star understood that adding value around actual payments is key, Duffy says her company was able to anticipate mobile’s sweeping success.

“What providers of payment solutions have to do is add value to their offering to remain competitive. They’re offering mobile solutions to capture more payment opportunities and they’re offering more and more complex point of sale applications to add value to their payment services and attract new customers,” Duffy explained.

“Because of the appeal of tablet-based and smartphone solutions to end customers and their competitive price point, payment providers are increasingly returning to these mobile device-based solutions to add value to their services.”

According to Duffy, Star’s anticipation of this mobile-centric payments push led to the development of the company’s latest product, called AsuraCPRNT. Designed with consumer interaction in mind AsuraCPRNT allows users to swipe loyalty cards through its magnetic reader. The platform also works with NFC readers, allowing customers to make payments with NFC-enabled phones.

After a transaction is made, AsuraCPRNT can immediately issue coupons via its printer functionality: a function Duffy singles out as especially important in today’s payments market.

“We recognize that with so much pressure from things like e-commerce and showrooming, it’s becoming increasingly important for stores to interact deeply with their customers to build loyalty,” Duffy said.

To hear more Duffy on Star’s platforms, payments’ migration to mobile and practices for engendering customer loyalty, listen to the full podcast below.


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Christine Duffy
Senior Sales Director
Star Micronics America

Christine Duffy was named Senior Sales Director of Star Micronics America in 2011. In this role, Christine is responsible for the strategic business direction and executive management of the sales team for Star Micronics America, Inc. Christine’s leadership has been a driving force behind the company’s growth, establishing Star Micronics as one of the leading printer manufacturers in the world. Christine is an active member of RSPA and sits on its board of directors.



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