Study: Mobile Tech, Payments To Save MENA Firms Trillions

According to a recent Vodafone report, the increasing adoption of mobile technology will allow companies in emerging markets to save up to Sh2.5 trillion every year by 2020, reports CapitalFM. The report, called, "Connected Worker," indicated that recent mobile solutions linked workers to new job opportunities, enhanced working conditions and improved security measures for salary by using mobile money transfer programs. The report focused on 12 countries, namely DRC, Egypt, India, Qatar, Fiji, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey and Kenya.

Vodafone's group director, Andrew Dunnett, said, "Our objective was to look how mobile technology can help both the workers and the employers in 12 markets. We based our survey on 90 different projects but we narrowed down to six and specified some of the solutions that would work well. I think it shows a clear sense of direction as to how our technology will grow as the smartphone revolution gathers momentum."

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