SumUp Speaks On Visa Ready Selection

Visa recently announced its partnership with three mobile POS providers to facilitate the acceptance of Visa payments through mobile technology, as part of its Visa Ready Program.

SumUp, a European mobile payments firm, was among the few mPOS providers selected for the Visa program. SumUp has been making its rounds in payments news, with a new announcement just last week that revealed an eight-figure investment fom American Express and Groupon.

SumUp’s participation in the Visa Ready Program means its mobile hardware and software systems will be tested and approved for Visa payment acceptance.

The fresh partnership will also allow for SumUp’s end-to-end payment solutions to further develop. Improving payment solutions, hardware and operation systems will ultimately help with the company’s future plans to expand outside of Europe and into new emerging markets.

“For us, it’s a stamp of approval to have another one of the leading card brands worldwide officially announce their support of SumUp,” the company told

Having a global brand such as Visa by SumUp’s side will allow for a smoother transition when entering into emerging markets.

“Our relationship with Visa will help us to unlock markets worldwide, which is important because the POS is changing quickly on a global scale. In select countries, Visa will enable us to directly connect to Visa through the Visa POS Solutions platform or payment gateways,” SumUp said. “This will help us enter new markets more easily because it reduces the technical and contractual complexity of entering into a new market.”

In a previous interview, SumUp explained to that it aspired to create a better payment experience, and strengthen the consumer-merchant relationship. SumUp said they were committed to empowering small merchants and making the payments process frictionless.

SumUp’s vision to improve the customer-merchant experience aligns well with new benefits from Visa’s partnership. Merchants will be given a new opportunity to increase customer loyalty through additional services.

“Visa can provide us with access to value-added services, such as the ability for merchants to offer instant redemption of special offers at the point-of sale.”


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