The APAC Market’s Mobile Momentum

By Pete Rizzo (@pete_rizzo_

SAP has revealed that Asian-Pacific (APAC) consumers may be the most lucrative demographic for the mobile commerce industry – The German technology company’s newest survey has indicated that 37 percent of mobile users in the APAC region have used their mobile devices to bank, while 42 percent have made purchases with these devices.

Compared to the global average, just 29 percent of consumers indicated they have used their mobile device to conduct banking activities. Twenty-six percent of global consumers said they have made purchases via their mobile device, ZDNet reported.

“By unleashing the potential of their mobile device as an all-in-one communication channel, a loyalty card, location-aware personalised offers, a self-service kiosk, plus payments like cash, credit card or web currency, we expect mobile-savvy consumers and companies in Asia Pacific to continue to lead the mobile economy,” Anthony McMahon, senior vice president of SAP’s Asia Pacific region, said in a statement.

The survey polled more than 3,200 respondents from APAC nations such as Australia, China, India and Japan.

In this Data Point, we go behind the numbers to reveal how APAC mobile consumers are buying and paying with their mobile devices.

What Are Asia-Pacific Consumers Buying?

The SAP survey found that APAC mobile users were the most likely to purchase clothes (49 percent) via their mobile phones than their international peers. Traditional and e-books placed second in the survey at 47 percent, while entertainment services came in third at 44 percent. APAC mobile users were also most likely to purchase via mobile Internet. 

Further, the study indicated that the percent of consumers making mobile purchases through different channels could climb in the future. Fifty-four percent of users said they would increase their mobile payment activity when their confidence in mobile rose as well. 

How Are APAC Consumers Using Mobile Banking?

SAP uncovered that the majority of APAC mobile owners have used their mobile devices to perform a banking activity. Sixty-three percent indicated they had used their mobile phone to facilitate a bank transfer, though the majority of APAC mobile users also reported conducting other activities.

What Do APAC Consumers Want From Mobile Wallets? 

The survey found that the service APAC mobile users valued most from mobile wallets was the ability to pay bills. Fifty-four percent reported that they expect this feature, though it is not the only mobile wallet essential identified by this group.

Rounding out the top three responses were the ability to buy goods online and a means to check their bank account balance, which captured 53 percent and 52 percent of the vote, respectively.

Past research by comScore has indicated the mobile wallet provider that can best appeal to this market could reap substantial rewards – In APAC nations such as India, online retail is poised to rise sharply in the coming years.  

For more of the study’s findings, read the full report summary from ZDNet here.  


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