Breach Round Up

Contractor Security Weakness May Have Led To Target Breach

A refrigeration contractor hired by Target may have unwittingly opened the door for the masterminds of the Target POS malware attack to gain entry to the retailer’s back-end system.

Fazio Mechanical Services announced this week that it had experienced a serious cyber attack, the Wall Street Journal reported on Feb. 6.

The security flaw is believed to be an electronic billing link that connected Fazio with Target. While the details are not clear, it appears that the malware was inserted into Target’s system via the billing link.

The Journal reported that the Secret Service is investigating the data breach at Fazio.

In a recent commentary, Market Platform Dynamics CEO Karen Webster suggested that the data malware attack story would become much more complicated as new revelations emerged. See what she has to say about Target, security and the payments space by clicking here.

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