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E-Commerce Still Isn't Clicking With B2B Execs

The typical B2B buyer does not have the same experience at home as he or she does in the office and is often very disappointed with what he or she finds, when B2B shopping.
A shift is happening in B2B commerce as it becomes an online-driven, omni-channel transformation that is changing the way B2B brands connect with, engage and retain their customers. B2B e-commerce has now more than doubled B2C, with $559 billion in 2013 sales.
The market for B2B commerce buying experiences has the attention of massive online marketplaces like Amazon, Google, eBay and Alibaba, creating a scenario in which the kind of marketplace transformation that occurred in B2C will happen very quickly in B2B. The impact of mobility and role of digital channels will have an impact on the B2B buyer journey.
Businesses need to do the following to deliver and improve the experience for B2B customers:
  • Invest aggressively in the B2B customer experience
  • Prioritize mobile
  • Target omni-channel B2B customers
  • Broaden view of the competition

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