Lizard Squad Launches Hacker Subscription Service

For just $6 a month, you, too, can be a hacker.

The hacker group known as Lizard Squad has reportedly launched a new business venture that allows anyone to join their security-breaching ways for a low monthly cost. The subscription service known as LizardStresser allows subscribers to obtain a distributed denial-of-service attack tool often used to take down a website’s server by overloading it with requests.

“This booter is famous for taking down some of the world’s largest gaming networks such as Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Jagex, BattleNet, League of Legends and many more!” the LizardStresser homepage boasts. “With this stresser, you wield the power to launch some of the world’s largest denial of service attacks.”

Lizard Squad took credit for the infamous hack of Playstation 3 and Xbox Live networks on Christmas Day.

The group is now offering LizardStresser for packages between $6 and $130 a month, depending on how long customers wish to take down a site. Lifetime packages are also available, ranging from $30 to $500, though Lizard Squad notes that in this case, a “lifetime” means five years, as that’s how long the hacker tool will reportedly exist.

Unsurprisingly, Lizard Squad is only taking the crypto-currency Bitcoin as payment, but promises to take PayPal soon. As of the service’s launch late-December, reports say the tool has only been used a handful of times. A thread promoting the DDoS service has already been locked, the hacker group said on its Twitter account.

But Lizard Squad’s new business venture isn’t a novel idea. Reports say the group has already previously offered DDoS as a service, which is simply LizardStresser under a different name. Further, experts say hacker groups have made DDoS attack tools available on forums before.

Since the Xbox and Playstation hack, Lizard Squad seems to be taking advantage of its new infamy. In addition to its DDoS subscription, the group is also vetting potential clients through Twitter.