Daily Data Dive May 11: Walmart, Visa, Amazon, Apple

It's not every day you get four major companies in payments and commerce making major headlines.

But that's the case with PYMNTS 5-in-1 Daily Data Dive today. We have Walmart and Visa, Visa and Contactless, the S&P and Amazon, and Apple Pay and Canada.

Europe's Contactless Payments Surge

3 Billion | The number of tap-and-pay transactions in Europe over the past 12 months, according to Visa Europe.

Walmart Sues Visa Over PINs

70+ Percent | The number of Walmart's chip-based transactions that are debit, on average.

Amazon's Stock Soars

$705.79 | Amazon's stock price at the market open on May 11, which is an all-time-high for the eCommerce giant.

Apple Pay's Canadian Bank Play

7 | The number of Canadian banks that have added support, or will soon add support, for Apple Pay in the country.

Cost Of Chip-And-PIN Vs. Chip-And-Signature

5 Cents | How much more, on average, retailers pay per transaction on signature debit versus PIN debit.

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