PYMNTS 5-In-1 Daily Data Digest: Walmart Pay Fast Facts

Walmart Pay goes iOS.

The mobile payments scheme that leverages the app to pay in-store via QR code made news last week when it announced that its app was ready for Prime Time – on iOS. Other new additions to the app include paper receipts and streamlined returns made in-store.

National rollout is reportedly expected to hit in June.

Here are five quick stats about everything you need to know about’s mobile push:

110M+ | Number of iPhones estimated to be in use in the U.S.

22M+ | Number of customers who actively use the mobile app on a monthly basis.

140M | Number of consumers Walmart says visit its physical stores in the U.S. on a weekly basis.

5,000+ | Number of U.S. Walmart stores where iPhone users will be able to use Walmart Pay to pay at checkout.

$217B | Walmart’s market cap as of April 25, 2016. By comparison, Amazon’s market cap is $286.2B.

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