APS Payments Adds B2B Capabilities For Sage X3

APS Payments, which works in omnichannel B2B payments, is integrating tech with enterprise resource planning (ERP) product Sage X3 to allow for quick and secure payments, according to a press release.

Customers can use APS ClickToPay and APSPays Vault in the Sage X3 financial module, the release stated.

Sage X3 is designed specifically for medium-sized businesses, the release stated, offering financial operational management in a quick, simple manner.

With APS ClickToPay, companies can have customer invoices paid directly to accounts receivable. And with APSPays Vault, companies can store information securely and access reporting tools for reconciliation. And, users can access Level 3 B2B processing, offering greater payments controls and lower rates, according to the release.

Users of the APS Payments on Sage X3 can access daily automatic batch reporting, multi-currency capabilities, no installation, maintenance or setup fees and live support any time and any day of the week.

“APS Payments continues to drive innovation in leading-edge B2B payment solutions that customers need to stay ahead of the innovation curve,” said Phillip Heath, head of Sales at APS Payments, according to the release. “By integrating our payments toolset within Sage X3, businesses can reduce the complexity of processing invoice payments, mitigate risk and ultimately get paid faster.”

In separate news, Kevin Phalen, head of Global Business Solutions at Visa, told PYMNTS that the progression toward a removal of friction in B2B payments will help usher in collaborative commerce, with buyers and suppliers using payments tools to help make payments more bilateral. He said having better data flows and transparency can help with strategy for corporate treasurers and chief financial officers.

Phalen said one of the main points of friction is the paper check, which still has a hold in the B2B space despite the rise of rails that can move payments quickly and easily.