Samsung's Iris Scanning Points To Growing Biometrics Trend In Smartphones

Here’s lookin’ at you. The eyes have it. Whatever the phrase, the iris scanner movement is growing.

Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is known for the iris scanner. While it’s not the first to market this Jetson-esque feature, ABI Research said it won't be the last.

By 2021, there will be 300 million smartphones shipped with an iris scanner. There are clear advantages over the fingerprint scanner, from unlocking the phone to verifying a mobile payment without touching the device.

Experts say iris scanning will encourage the implementation and seamlessness of mobile payment services. The simple reasoning is security concerns.

A little history here. The first smartphone to take on the iris-scanning element was the Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G in March 2015. Then came the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL, the Nubia Prague S and now the HP's Elite x3. Currently, the iris scanner is found only on high-end devices, but that will not prevail forever.

Apple has alluded to talks revolving around adding an iris scanner for the 10th anniversary iPhone. That would be next year, if it happened.

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