Turkish Bank Yapı Kredi Takes Mobile Banking To A New Level

From Mission: Impossible to James Bond and beyond, there’s no shortage of movies showing us various tactics for gaining physical access into banks, homes or retail outlets. We’ve seen countless options for breaking through security barriers, from fingerprint detection to facial recognition. There’s one that is surely making its move into the banking world — identification by scanning of the eye via biometric software.

The first national private bank of Turkey, Yapı Kredi, has partnered with Ölçsan and the creator of the Eyeprint ID, EyeVerify, to make eye access a reality. What does this mean for those Turkish citizens that have a bank account with Yapı Kredi?

Those Turkish bank customers will be the first around the world to have this technology. Eyeprint ID was installed in the Yapı Kredi mobile banking app. Now, when people log in to their accounts and desire to do cardless cash withdrawals, they’ll have the ability to do both actions through the scanning of their eye.

Yakup Dogan, assistant general manager of Yapı Kredi, stated:

“With our latest mobile app update, we continue to push the boundaries of convenient mobile banking for our customers. Allowing our customers to access all banking transactions in the app with simple Eyeprint ID verification addresses two major shortcomings for mobile banking customers today: security and recalling passwords. From now on, our customers will be able to log in to mobile banking via their smartphones using the Eyeprint capture technology, for a single-step, faster, easier and more secure access. In addition to the innovative Eyeprint ID feature, renewed Yapı Kredi Mobile also stands out with swift contactless money withdrawal from ATMs via QR code and direct access to the Call Center.”

How long before this technology spreads to banks throughout the world? Given the rapid global advancement of technologies on a daily basis, we’re hoping it won’t be too long.