PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Bitcoin's Price Surge

Is bitcoin making a price comeback? Well, a recent surge from Chinese investors has managed to bump bitcoin's price over the $500 mark.

Although that's a far cry from where bitcoin was at its all-time-high price, bitcoin has seen a strong spike in the past few days. For the PYMNTS Daily Data Dive 5-in-1 today, we've brought you the latest stats in bitcoin.

$1.2 billion | How much bitcoin has added to its market cap as a result of a four-day surge.

$529.23 | Bitcoin's price as of Tuesday morning (May 31).

$1,151 | Bitcoin's all-time high price in November 2013.

92 Percent | The percentage of global trading that two Chinese exchanges collectively account for.

16 Percent | The percentage bitcoin jumped in a four-day period due to Chinese investor interest.

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