Everybody Runs On Dunkin’, Dunkin’ Now Runs On Bitcoin

Bitcoin is going a bit more mainstream and may be part of your daily morning jolt.

As NewsBTC reported, eGifter, the online gift card platform, is supporting Dunkin’ Donuts cards, and as part of that support, customers can pay with bitcoin. Thus, distributed ledger technology is making inroads across payments technology and crullers, too.

The bitcoin payments option is offered across the spectrum of eGifter’s prepaid card pantheon, encompassing more than 200 brands. Dunkin’ Donuts operates more than 8,000 locations across the United States.

The outlet quoted eGifter CEO Tyler Roye as stating: “The [Dunkin’] card was on our wish list since our first day in business. Many of the eGifter team members start every day with Dunkin’ coffee, also referred to around here as ‘startup fuel.’ Those cups in our hands were a constant reminder that we wanted this card, so we are quite excited to finally be able to offer it to our members.”

According to NewsBTC, bitcoin debit cards are on the way.

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