Western Union, SuperGIROS Team on Cross-border Payments in Colombia

Western Union and SuperGIROS, part of the Acciones & Valores network, on Tuesday (May 3) teamed up to give Colombians more financial flexibility by adding Western Union’s cross-border global money movement and payments capabilities in every SuperGIROS retail location in the country.

Colombians now have more than 9,800 additional locations where they can send and receive money. Western Union now has 17,000 locations across Colombia.

SuperGIROS locations also offer extended hours every day to help customers send and receive their remittances, the company press release said.

“In Colombia, remittances are critically important in helping ensure health and safety for those who receive them, especially in remote communities across the country,” said Claudia Reyes, Western Union Regional Director, Colombia, in the press release.

“In Colombia and across Latin America we continue to expand our network, offering consumers more convenience, introducing new services, and allowing them to send money to their families and loved ones across the world,” she said. “We look forward to working with SuperGIROS to help bridge the gap to full financial inclusion for all Colombians.”

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In March, Western Union debuted its transfer services in South Korea with FinTech ICB Co. Ltd.’s mobile app, dubbed “Debunk Remit.” One of South Korea’s largest cross-border FinTechs, ICB processes $1.6 billion transactions annually with 15,000 merchants, the firm said.

Remit, available for Android and iOS, will let South Koreans send cash to family and friends and into bank accounts in select countries as Western Union scales to expand the global financial payout network.