Clavis Insight Allies With IRI For More Comprehensive eCommerce Insights

Clavis Insight, a world leader in digital shelf analysis, insights and analytics, recently formed an alliance with leading Big Data and predictive analytics provider IRI.

Founded in 2007, the Dublin-based Clavis Insight has been focusing in on eCommerce for the past three years, said Danny Silverman, head of product strategy. “Our mission is to be the global hub of eCommerce intelligence,” he said.

Clavis Insight’s eCommerce measurement and insights solution monitors anything that shoppers have the potential to see on a retailer’s page, at any retail site, anywhere in the world. “Our solution is oriented toward brand manufacturers who are looking to monitor their brands’ product listings in the online marketplace,” said Silverman.

Clavis Insight works with hundreds, if not thousands, of brands across a subset of major product manufacturers. “We’re in 40+ countries,” said Silverman. “We cover more than 20 languages on retail sites, and we’re tracking millions and millions of listings around the world every day. Clavis Insight works with the majority of the world’s largest manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods space — Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Mars.”

Along with its Dublin headquarters, Clavis Insight has offices in London, Paris, Boston and Shanghai.

“Our eCommerce solution can visit retail sites and see if products are in stock and how many, pricing data, ratings and review information, if the product description is accurate, if the product images are accurate, along with search rankings based on key terms, among other things,” said Silverman.

The recent alliance with IRI came in part to fulfill the needs of these manufacturers. “Our users are looking for increasingly complete data sets,” said Silverman. “They want to have a view of both online and offline in the same place. IRI also has an eCommerce solution but is focused on behavioral and shopper insight data.”

By combining both data sets in one place, clients of both Clavis and IRI will now have a complete picture of the retail landscape on- and offline. “Our customers could have anywhere from five to 20 technology partners supporting their eCommerce initiatives,” said Silverman. “We want to facilitate the ingest and transfer of data to make it easier for our users to use those technologies in their eCommerce stacks.”

“As of recently,” said Silverman, “businesses would see their offline market share through IRI and online share with eCommerce solutions like Clavis Insight. But being able to see share alongside Walmart brick-and-mortar share is a very informative benchmark, whether or not you’re over- or underdeveloped in your growth and your share of the category.”

Additionally, the alliance between Clavis Insight and IRI will allow businesses to compare on- and offline measurements on a common dashboard. Silverman gave the examples of directly comparing in-stock rates across physical stores and eRetail sites, as well as on- and offline pricing and promotions.

“IRI is absolutely a critical and essential partner of ours going forward,” Silverman concluded. “We will continue our omnichannel collaboration, while also continuing to integrate into other parts of the eCommerce ecosystem to create more fluidity and key value out of the services we offer.”