Shopify to Power Luxury Brand Lanvin’s Digital Store

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Luxury fashion company Lanvin Group has entered into a commercial agreement with Shopify to build a North America digital platform, a press release said.

Lanvin, along with Sergio Rossi, will become the first company’s luxury brands on the digital platform.

The release noted that the digital platform is powered by Shopify’s tech, and will offer Lanvin an opportunity to focus on products and customers. Other Lanvin brands can be added to centralize eCommerce on one platform while maintaining each brand’s interfaces and databases.

The release said Lanvin will be able to provide “best-in-class customer experience with dedicated merchandise and content, as well as optimized and localized omnichannel shopping services.”

“As an innovation-driven luxury fashion group, we strive to usher in the future of luxury,” according to Joann Cheng, the chair and CEO of Lanvin Group. “Shopify has been at the forefront of innovation, working with some of the most successful businesses to transform e-commerce for merchants and consumers globally.”

Cheng said the rollout of the new platform, powered by Shopify, was showing the “differentiated strategy” which would help with new technologies.

“Our legacy-light and digital-native model allows us to integrate Shopify’s disruptive technologies across our portfolio of heritage brands,” Cheng said, adding that the Shopify eCommerce capabilities would bolster the abilities to capture growth opportunities.

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