PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Visa Chip Card Stats

The latest chip card data from Visa is in.

What these figures show, as of the end of April, is how well the migration to chip cards in the U.S. is going. On the merchant side, Visa's latest data shows that, since October 2015, an average of 23,000 new merchants are becoming chip-enabled weekly.

But on the card side? Here's what the data says:

$20.7 Billion | Chip card transaction volume in April.

282 Million | Number of Visa chip cards issued in the U.S.

145.7 Million | Number of Visa debit chip cards in circulation.

137.2 Million | Number of Visa credit chip cards in circulation.

1.1 Million | Number of U.S. merchant locations that are chip-enabled.

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