Google Launches New Payment API In Brazil

Google and EBANX, the Brazil-based FinTech, announced a partnership Thursday (Oct. 26) aimed at providing Latin American local payment methods to global merchants, enabling them to sell to Latin Americans without having to establish a local business.

According to a press release announcing the partnership, the new Google Payment API enables Brazilian shoppers to pay for their purchases using any of the credit cards they have already saved to their Google account or on Android Pay. They will also be able to add new international or local cards, as EBANX is connected to Brazilian local acquirers.

Google said that one of the first merchants to provide this payment method to its Brazilian customers is Xsolla, a video game selling company that is also a merchant of EBANX. This means that Brazilian customers will be able to use Google to pay for games.

“Xsolla is very proud to have an opportunity to work with Google, and we are really grateful to our trusted partner EBANX for helping us enter into this relationship,” said Xsolla’s business development manager, Ekaterina Fadeeva, in the press release. “For us, the Google Payment API is an important innovation. It will allow our mobile users to get a new level of convenience with a seamless checkout experience. With a huge amount of data already saved into multiple Google accounts, and with extended Android Pay functionality, this method will find its audience among the big percent[age] of our customers who enjoy playing with stored credentials. Thus, we look forward to implementing the Google Payment API in Brazil, which will totally result in improved conversion and increased sales.”

As Google noted, given that 95 percent of smartphones sold in Brazil between July and September of last year were Android-based, the new API could have a real impact on eCommerce in the country.

“We are really excited to launch this product with Google in Brazil, offering more payment choices for Brazilian customers and enhancing the user experience with eCommerce merchants, through EBANX’s leadership when it comes to Brazilian and other Latin American markets and through the deep reach that paying with Google has,” said the business development manager at EBANX, Andre Allain, in the same press release.