Mobile Commerce to Account for 44% of Digital Sales in 2025

PYMNTS - Digital Economy Payments: The Rise Of Mobile eCommerce - November 2022 - Learn about consumer shopping habits as the convenience of shopping on mobile devices becomes increasingly popular

The pandemic has been a time of change in many areas, particularly the rise of eCommerce for all categories of shopping. For example, 15% of consumer purchases are now made via eCommerce compared to 11% prior to the pandemic.

PYMNTS’ data shows there have been lasting changes to consumers’ shopping habits, as the convenience of shopping on mobile devices is available to virtually everyone.

In “Digital Economy Payments: The Rise Of Mobile eCommerce,” PYMNTS surveyed 2,730 U.S. consumers from Sept. 9 to Sept. 14 about their shopping habits and the payment methods they use when shopping online and in-store.

Key findings from the study include:

• 84%: Share of grocery purchases made in-store during Q3 2022 compared to 87% in Q4 2021. Much of the decline in in-store shopping can be traced to consumers’ decision to shop via mobile devices instead.

• 13%: Portion of non-grocery items purchased online with a computer in Q3 2022 compared to 19% in Q4 2021, which demonstrates consumers’ diminished usage of traditional computing devices for online shopping.

• 5.4%: Share of online grocery shopping done via laptops and desktops in Q3 2022 compared to 5.9% in Q4 2021.

PYMNTS’ findings demonstrate that many of the changes stemming from the pandemic are here to stay. Our report examines how where the growth in mobile commerce is most evident.

To learn more about consumers’ increased usage of mobile eCommerce, download the report.