Prior Mobile Order-Ahead Provider Ranking Ties Smashed As New Rivalries Arise

Dominos App

“What goes up…” and all that. Even PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps obeys Newtonian physics, reflecting the nature of all things in the natural (or digital) worlds.

That’s why this update looks quite different from last month, as a number of deeply competitive tied scores and dead heats have resolved and consolidated into firm wins — for now, at any rate. This ranking has a mind of its own, perhaps more so than any other.

Your order has arrived, so tuck into this latest MOA ranking and have your fill.

The Top Five

We can’t spell “dominant” without Domino’s, whose app sticks at No. 1 for another month, but now alone and victorious in that position. Climbing one spot to take No. 2 is delicious DUNKIN’ this time out, with the Taco Bell app unflinching at No. 3 yet again.

Bit of a tumble for mighty STARBUCKS, as it drops from a tie at No. 1 in the last cycle to the No. 4 chart position in this update.

This being the Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps, there are apt to be tied scores. So there are at No. 5, as Chick-Fil-A and Panera Bread both drop a spot to tie at No. 5.

And faster than you can say “dressing on the side,” the Top Five is finished.

The Top 10

Below the Top Five, things look more familiar for this most contentious of rankings.

Tied for No. 6, we find the Pizza Hut and Wingstop apps, the former falling one spot while the latter dropped two positions from the last cycle.

It continues, with Papa John’s Pizza holding firm at No. 7, to be joined there by the Burger King app, falling one chart position since last month.

Tired of tied scores? Sorry, but there’s another. This one’s at No. 8, between popular Chipotle — losing three spots since the last cycle — and McDonald’s dropping one. The big name in fast-food burgers unveiled a loyalty program in July, because seriously … people want rewards.

The Sonic Drive-In app topples a spot to take No. 9 all to itself this month. Can’t be bad.

Down one spot also, but sticking to the Top 10 at No. 10, is relative ranking newcomer SHEETZ, which charted for the first time in the previous ranking. That’s how brands get to the top: patience, product and pleasing more people. We’d come up with a clever acronym, but for some reason, we’re always famished after the Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps.

Wonder why?