Giving SMBs An Omnicommerce Leg Up

Giving SMBs the same tools that their larger merchant counterparts have to follow their customers across every channel they shop is one of 2016’s biggest commerce trends. The April edition of the Vantiv Omnicommerce Tracker™ examines a segment in which that is both essential and complicated for SMBs – restaurants. That, along with more than 28 updates across the omnicommerce ecosystem underscore one key theme: equalizing access to advancing technologies brings benefits to the entire ecosystem.

Technology is turning the retail landscape on its head, with omnichannel products and services standing among some of the most influential solutions.

For small to mid-size restaurants in particular, integrating online services into brick-and-mortar operations is anything but easy – but no less critical. Though adding digital solutions can help them compete against major chains, many of these eateries lack the resources necessary for this type of seamless technology.

One provider, Ziosk, is hoping to change that narrative by democratizing technology through omnichannel solutions that put SMB restaurant on an equal footing.

Ziosk’s POS tablet, though used by big-name players such as Olive Garden and Red Robin, can be tailored to fit the needs of individual restaurants, allowing smaller companies to offer customers major POS benefits.

John Regal, Chief Strategy Officer at Ziosk, explained the how digital solutions are helping to sweeten the deal for restaurants of all sizes:

Not only are these smaller players going head-to-head with larger nationwide chains for the appetites and wallets of customers, but they are usually fighting the battle with smaller budgets and fewer resources.

But is there a way to bring these critical technologies to the businesses that need them the most?

The idea of democratizing technology – a rapid continuation of it becoming more accessible to more people – is a topic pushing the boundaries of disruption while also presenting a huge opportunity to boost the proliferation of products and services.



The diverse impact of omnichannel, as well as the lack thereof, was plainly visible across many industries this month as a growing number of companies explored the possibilities of seamless cross-platform integration.

In the report “Redefining Loyalty in the Omnichannel Age,” RIS News showed how most merchants have yet to adopt true omnichannel experiences, despite proof that traditional loyalty programs fail to effectively engage consumers.

Still, the demand for omnichannel is growing at a rapid pace. A report from BDO USA found that the number of eCommerce investments have slowed this year, as retailers focus on both in-store and omnichannel experiences. Additionally, new research showed that mobile transactions are on the rise, and predicted that nearly 100 million people will use NFC-enabled mobile payments in 2016.


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