WooCommerce Fully Integrates With Square

WooCommerce Fully Integrates With Square

For a retailer just starting out in the omnichannel world, picking commerce tools that support that flexible mission can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. However, two firms just teamed up to make their solution as end-to-end compatible as they could make it.

WooCommerce announced Tuesday (July 26) that it had added full integration with payments processor Square to allow its merchants to take payments through online or offline channels. WooCommerce said in a blog post that this was the most frequently requested update to its catalogue of services, and at just $79 per year for access to the integrations, it may soon be the most popular.

“If you have both an online store and retail presence, you might sometimes feel as if they’re operating in different worlds,” Nicole Kohler of WooCommerce explained in a blog post. “This goes double for managing your offline inventory, which usually requires a manual update to keep accurate for online sales. Now you can kiss those tedious manual updates goodbye. The Square integration will keep your WooCommerce inventory completely up-to-date automatically, syncing any online or offline stock changes for you.”

TechCrunch noted that in addition to smoother functioning between WooCommerce’s and Square’s family of APIs and apps, WooCommerce clients also benefit from progress the latter has made away from its recognizable business of cards readers and the like. With a heavy emphasis on online checkout APIs that facilitate website-based credit card payments, Square can now just as easily be the payments solution for a larger merchant as it can be for a food truck.



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