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Opus Technologies Launches Payment Integration Framework for Financial Institutions

Opus Technologies, payment methods

Opus Technologies has launched a payment integration framework designed for financial institutions.

The new Paysemble helps financial institutions simplify technology adoption, migration and integration and ensure seamless operations, the company said in a Tuesday (May 21) press release.

“Customers today expect a seamless and intuitive payment experience,” Opus CEO Praveen TM said in the release. “This puts pressure on financial institutions to constantly innovate and develop new ways to deliver products and services.”

Paysemble helps financial institutions meet this challenge by delivering three distinct layers — message translator, workflow orchestrator and interface module — that are configurable to support various use cases, according to the release.

These use cases include real-time payments, retail payments and cross-border transactions, the release said. For each use case, there are preset workflows that ensure smooth data exchange, compliance and security.

Paysemble is built on cloud and microservices infrastructure and integrates into customers’ existing IT infrastructure, enabling faster implementation and greater operational efficiency, per the release.

“We crafted Paysemble, a suite of solution accelerators that enables a powerful and flexible payment integration framework that helps achieve seamless integration and faster deployment of payment solutions,” Praveen TM said in the release.

In another recent development around payment integration, Payroc said in January that it introduced a PayByCloud solution aimed at simplifying omnichannel payment integrations for independent software vendors (ISVs).

Payroc’s cloud-based solution eliminates the need for ISVs to invest heavily in payments integration, streamlining the process and reducing time and effort.

By establishing a cloud-based connection between Payroc’s application hosted on a payment device and the Payroc gateway, PayByCloud enables Payroc partners to facilitate transactions more efficiently.

Also in January, Tulip introduced a payment integration powered by Stripe that is designed to be full featured, simple and quick to deploy, easy to maintain and fully supported by Tulip.

The company’s Tulip Pay enables clients to conduct in-store, curbside and pick-up transactions on the Tulip point of sale (POS) system, “addressing every transactional situation they’re facing so that they are covered for every way their customers shop,” the firm said.

In addition, businesses on Tulip can use the Stripe Reader S700 to accept in-person payments.