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Roblox Game Developer Earnings Leap 19% in 2023

Roblox game developers earned a record $741 million in 2023.

This marks an increase of roughly 19% from the previous year, Bloomberg reported Wednesday (Feb. 21), citing a Roblox filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Since its inception in 2006, Roblox has provided a platform for developers to create millions of games that allow players to enjoy a variety of experiences on both desktop and mobile devices, according to the report.

By using Robux, the platform’s digital currency, players can purchase virtual items such as pet unicorns and fashionable clothing within the games, the report said.

Developers receive $0.0035 for every Robux spent on their games, incentivizing creativity and innovation, per the report. Last year, almost a hundred Roblox titles generated over $1 million in sales each, with nine games earning at least $10 million.

Over 12,000 developers converted their Robux earnings into real-world currency, with 3,500 making over $10,000 and around 750 surpassing $100,000, according to the report.

While many games were made by kids during the early days of Roblox, the potential for earnings has drawn professional game studios to the platform, the report said.

These include Los Angeles-based Gamefam Studios, which raised $25 million in 2022 to create Roblox games, per the report.

A significant portion of Roblox’s player base is 16 or younger, accounting for 58% of users, according to the report.

With a record 68 million average daily active users contributing to $3.5 billion in bookings last year, Roblox continues to thrive as a leading gaming platform, the report said.

Despite a slight decrease in spending per person compared to during the pandemic, players remain highly engaged, per the report. Currently, they dedicate 30% of their time to the platform’s top 10 games.

Roblox is looking to grow and expand its audience beyond the under-13 age demographic it was founded on, executives said during the company’s most recent quarterly earnings call.

“Older users tend to monetize better, cohorted by time spent on the platform,” Roblox Chief Financial Officer Michael Guthrie said during the call. “A slow and steady improvement in the core technology has allowed our developer communities to build better stuff … [which has] naturally attracted an older audience.”