Square Unveils Square Stand, Upgraded POS System

Square Unveils Upgraded POS System

Square on Monday (April 11) announced the newest version of its countertop device Square Stand, which transforms iPads and other tablets into point-of-sale systems capable of running a business, in its eight global markets, according to a company press release.

With the new release, the company is looking to gain more market share in an increasingly competitive sector. Square Stand features integrated contactless and dip payments technology and a more intuitive checkout flow, the press release said.

Square Stand brings together Square’s point-of-sale software and hardware, allowing sellers to take in-person payments, manage their eCommerce sales and deliveries, buy online and pick up in-store orders. It integrates contactless and chip card readers into the display.

Square Stand’s software includes an order summary screen and illuminated payment icons on the face of the device, eliminating the need for a second screen.

“The way businesses and shoppers interact around the world has evolved exponentially in the time since we first launched our original Square Stand,” said Alyssa Henry, head of Square, in the company press release. “The new Stand was built with the future of commerce in mind… Square Stand offers sellers an integrated way to meet the purchasing preferences of today’s consumers.”

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Meanwhile, software and payments provider SpotOn is active in 56% of the ballparks in Major League Baseball, helping to meet customer demands. SpotOn technology is also deployed at business of all sizes and types, including restaurants and hospitality, retail, enterprise and automotive.

Beyond SpotOn’s point-of-sale aspects that customers see, businesses also need reporting that will give them visibility into what is happening in the business and make changes as necessary. SpotOn also makes it easier for companies to integrate loyalty and marketing programs.