Executive Order Looks To Overhaul Visa Programs

Via a new executive order, the Trump administration is calling on the government to re-examine wide-ranging visa programs to ensure they prioritize and protect jobs and wages of U.S. workers, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Citing a draft of the executive order, the WSJ reported the draft suggests repeatedly that existing policies on visa programs gives foreigners an unfair advantage over U.S. workers. The visa programs the Trump administration is targeting are a favorite of technology and other companies that argue they are necessary to get the right talent.

The WSJ reported the executive order also mandates that the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issue a new rule within 90 days “to restore the integrity of employment-based nonimmigrant worker programs and better protect U.S. and foreign workers affected by those programs.” The newspaper noted the draft of the executive order could change or may not even be issued, but White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer suggested earlier in the week the action would be happening.

“I think there’s an overall need to look at all of these programs,” he said, according to the WSJ.

The paper noted it wasn’t possible to verify the draft is real, but similar leaked documents ended up being almost identical to the orders that were issued. President Trump campaigned on a promise to reduce the number of legal immigrants in the country and roll out so-called America First rules that would increase wages and protect jobs held by Americans.

The paper noted that there may be even more executive orders to come, with a draft of another one aimed at keeping foreigners out of the country who might need public benefits. That executive order calls on the DHS to enact regulations that would prevent admission of any foreigner who would likely receive public benefits and deport any foreigner who gets them.