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PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: FBI Wire Fraud Warning

FBI Warns On Wire Fraud Threat

The FBI is warning about the increasing risk of wire transfer fraud.

As part of its newly launched public awareness campaign on wire transfer fraud, the FBI provided tips to help companies detect and fight the threats. The scam is also known as the Business Email Compromise and typically only goes after businesses, rather than consumers.

For today's Daily Data Dive 5-in-1, we've broken down some of the key figures.

$3.1 Billion | The amount hackers have attempted to steal from businesses using wire fraud between October 2013-May 2016.

$2.3 Billion | The total amount lost to wire-transfer fraud between October 2013 and February of this year.

22,143 | The number of wire-transfer fraud cases reported by U.S. and foreign victims between October 2013-May 2016.

1,300% | The increase in wire fraud losses since January 2015.

79 | The number of countries identified by the FBI as being involved in requests for fraudulent transferred funds.


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