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PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Fed's Latest Breach Data

Federal Reserve Hit By Cyberattacks

Another day, another breach report. But this time, it's new data from the U.S. Federal Reserve, which revealed it was targeted in more than 50 cyberattacks in a four-year period.

The latest cybersecurity records released include details about what type of attack, how frequently it occurred and what impact it may have had on the Fed. This data specifically refers to the Washington-based Board of Governors, a federal agency that is required by law to maintain public records.

Which is the subject for the PYMNTS Daily Data Dive 5-in-1 today:

$3 Trillion | The amount the Fed's regional banks process in payments per day.

140 | Number of hacking attempts cited out of 310 reports by the Fed's Board of Governors in a four-year period.

50+ | Number of cyber breaches detected by the Federal Reserve between 2011-2015.

30 | Number of “information disclosure” incidents reported by the Fed’s national cybersecurity team between 2011-2015.

7 | Number of fraud incident reports by the Fed’s national cybersecurity team that impacted the Board of Governors between 2011-2015.

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