mSIGNIA Secures Digital Biometrics Patent

mSIGNIA issued digital biometric technology patent

Digital biometric technology and authentication provider mSIGNIA announced on Monday (May 2) that it was issued U.S. Patent 9,294,448 covering digital biometric technology by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent serves as an extension of mSIGNIA’s previous patent covering cryptographic security functions based on anticipated changes in dynamic minutiae.

In a press release, Paul Miller, CEO of mSIGNIA, said:

“The combination of the data a user amasses and the way their behavior changes that data is a new and innovative way to recognize the user. When online services use mSIGNIA’s digital biometric platform as the first method of authentication, it reduces the need for other authentication methods that can disrupt the user experience.”

MSIGNIA said its privacy-compliant technology analyzes a user’s data — such as music, contacts and calendars — that is synchronized across various devices and looks at how it changes in order to determine a digital biometric. This digital biometric can then be used to accurately authenticate identity and prevent malicious account takeover.

As many companies move to utilizing multi-factor authentication to safeguard user accounts and data, they also run the risk of impacting the user experience when they require that passwords or codes be sent via an SMS message.

According to mSIGNIA, its digital biometric provides “a reliable, invisible recognition of the user,” which can help to prevent any negative impacts to customer convenience and experience.