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Peru, US Agency Seize $30M In Counterfeit Bills

Nearly $30 million in counterfeit nuevos soles and U.S. dollar bills have been discovered and seized by U.S. and Peruvian agents. The bust, carried out under Operation Sunset, yielded the biggest sum in Peru’s history to date.

The operation rounded up 47 Peruvians and two Ecuadoreans across three cities in Peru, according to reports from authorities. Authorities also affirm that  there were more than 1,500 Peruvian police involved, as well as Secret Service agents.

Peru is the leader in manufacturing and distributing fake U.S. currency – the country is by some reports responsible for nearly two-thirds of the $3 billion in fakes notes circulating the globe.

According to the Secret Service, the raid shut down six plants, eight presses and 1,600 printing plates. In addition to the $30 million, the raid found €50,000.

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