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Secure Convenience: The New Password Death March?

A major overhaul in the world of digital identity is the slow and deliberate death of passwords. The January edition of the Digital Identity Tracker, tracks the path to secure convenience through biometrics and other sustainable alternatives to passwords.


The good thing about authentication that relies on your retina, fingerprint or face is that it doesn’t need to be alphanumeric and cryptic. That is secure convenience in a nutshell — to be able to pay for candy by staring at a screen or deposit a check with the swipe of a finger. A major overhaul in the world of digital identity is the decided death of passwords — and the PYMNTS Digital Identity TrackerTM tracks the road to it.

Emergence of Unified Identity

Technology’s victory is marked by convenience. Sometimes it might mean eliminating processes — and at other times it could mean integrating some. This edition of the tracker features schemes that are integrating different digital identities onto a platform, such as a universal ID card which acts as a driver’s license, a travel ID and a health card.

Tracker Updates

The January edition of the Digital Identity Tracker, includes six new companies: Arxan, GlobalSign, IDology, Kount, Salt Group and Shift4. There were also updates to three companies. 3Delta Systems was updated with information on Customer/Volume. Agnitio and First Data were each updated with new information on Geographies.

To download the January Digital Identity Tracker, click here.