Unisys Brings One Touch To Cyberfraud Fighting

Unisys Stealth(aw​​are) Launch

Global IT firm Unisys Corporation launched a new software application that enables organization to fight cybercrime with enterprise-wide, micro-segmentation security that can be deployed at the touch of a button.

The Stealth(aware) software automates the implementation process and is aimed at making digital protection accessible to more organizations.

“Unisys has put a stake in the ground: We are committed to improving the quality of peoples’ lives through enhancing their digital security, and today’s launch of Unisys Stealth(aware) represents the latest way we deliver on this promise,” Unisys President and CEO Peter Altabef said in a statement. “The best cyberprotection not only needs to work everywhere, operate efficiently and keep you ahead of the threat, but it must also be able to be easily deployed. Stealth(aware) meets these standards across the board.”

“With data and systems secured by Unisys Stealth, clients are free to innovate and grow their businesses with a minimum level of the anxiety prevalent in our digital world. At Unisys, we call this securing your tomorrow,” Altabef added.

Unisys Stealth relies on built-in analytics and visualization to speed up deployment and provide immediate insights into the security risks for automatic configuration and deployment.

The Stealth(aware) offering enables Unisys’ micro-segmentation product portfolio — including applications focused on core, cloud, mobile, identity and analytics — which creates segments within an organization where only authorized users can access information, while others (from malware to insiders to hackers) cannot even see that those segments exist.

“Unisys is building more intelligence into our products to improve the user experience and simplify the implementation of advanced security,” Tarek El-Sadany, SVP of technology and CTO at Unisys, added. “By designing Stealth(aware) to automate the discovery and deployment process, our clients can improve their level of security with faster implementation across the data center and the cloud. Stealth(aware) creates one security solution for an organization’s hybrid enterprise in a simple interface that can be implemented by non-security experts.”