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White House Hack Exposes Staffer’s Personal Emails

Hackers hit the U.S. government. Again.

As reported by Politico on Thursday (Sept. 22), the same hacker site that was behind the leak of Colin Powell’s emails earlier this month now has leaked a number of emails of a White House staffer tied to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The hack also includes, allegedly, Michelle Obama’s passport details.

The emails themselves may seem fairly innocuous, with discussion of various stages of event planning and invoices, said Politico. The emails themselves span the course of February of last year to July 2016. The Secret Service has said that it is aware of the breach, and it is being investigated.

The hack came via DC Leaks, which has been said to be tied to the much publicized Russian hacking that has aimed at U.S. politicians and agencies. Among past victims: Colin Powell, Sen. John McCain and the Democratic National Committee.

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