InAuth Gets Into Biometrics With InMobile Solution

InAuth, the device authentication and intelligence mobile-focused company, announced Wednesday (April 19) it is formally launching InMobile Biometrics, an enhancement adding biometric authentication to InMobile’s capabilities. InMobile Biometrics combines fingerprint technology with InAuth’s InMobile solution to deliver a device identification offering with integrated and secure biometric recognition, InAuth said in a press release.

InMobile Biometrics uses a device’s native biometric reader to authenticate that the intended user is accessing the device, offering two-factor security. Using the touch sensor built into today’s Android and iOS mobile devices, InAuth clients are able to properly authenticate users and establish a trusted connection. It offers an additional layer of security to reduce fraud.

“This makes perfect sense for InAuth, as we are on the endpoint, the consumer’s device, to begin with. We secure all the interactions of the device, we provide a secure token and our technology makes sure the device itself is secure and then passes the native biometric results securely. We also never transmit the biometric itself, which ensures the consumer’s biometric is not at risk of interception or compromise,” said Michael Lynch, chief strategy officer at InAuth, in the press release. “Now clients have a really locked-down device plus verification of the authorized user’s access, which provides multifactor authentication. In addition, this is a technology that is easy to implement and provides a seamless, positive customer experience.”

InMobile Biometrics uses InAuth’s Trusted Path architecture, which provides a direct, secure channel through which to transport sensitive information — such as a biometric results data — between the customer and an organization. Every communication is encrypted end to end, digitally signed and protected against replay attacks, the company said.

“InMobile Biometrics offers a unique technology combination — fingerprint biometric results, the secure passing of those results through our proprietary architecture and best-in-class security of the device itself through our mobile solution,” said Lisa Stanton, president at InAuth, in the same press release. “Through InMobile Biometrics, we have created one of the most secure environments and platforms for biometrics on mobile devices in the industry.”