GEOBRIDGE Launches Remote Administration For KeyBRIDGE

GEOBRIDGE has announced that remote administration for its KeyBRIDGE and TokenBRIDGE products will become available in Q4 of 2018.

GEOBRIDGE offers cryptographic key management with an eye on what it calls “lifecycle key management” across sales, support and consulting services focused on cryptographic key inventory.

“More and more customers are installing their security equipment in remote, colocation data centers. Co-lo centers are efficient and cost-effective, but have one disadvantage: it’s complicated and expensive to have personnel travel to them when the equipment requires administrative maintenance. The ability to perform routine maintenance on the equipment remotely is a huge time and money saver,” the company wrote in a press release.

The Remote Administration (RA) leverages GEOBRIDGE’s JSON Schema RESTful API (ARCK) – API for Remote Central Key Management to allow KeyBRIDGE Managers to securely perform a number of operations from their own offices. Some of those tasks include the ability to review and update system settings, install software updates, perform backups and schedule automated backups, rotate the SMK, create and view audit batches, and schedule automated uploads. In addition, managers will be able to create and update connection profiles, as well as relationships, manage SFTP profiles, view, add, update and delete users, and perform appliance certificate maintenance.

Other benefits include the appliance Connection Profiles connecting a TLS certificate to a set of user credentials, which will then provide a whitelist of authorized users. Connection Profiles can also be restricted to read-only access, allowing select users to view appliance information, but not make changes.

The announcement comes after GEOBRIDGE revealed late last month that it is expanding its on-demand services for HSMs and key management.

“We are very excited by the progress and prospect of the KEES Service. We have been able to apply our decades of experience in a new and meaningful way that has built even stronger partnerships with our clients,” said GEOBRIDGE Corporation CEO Laura Way.