Police Targeting Uber And Lyft Drivers?

It's not easy being an innovator, as Lyft and Uber drivers in place likes Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are finding out as the police are issuing thousands of dollars in citations to "send a message."

Officers in plain cloths in Madison and Pittsburgh have used the ride sharing apps to summon up a ride and then promptly issue the driver a ticket upon arrival for violating the city's taxi driving ordinances.

In response, Uber has been trying to rally rides to their cause in Pittsburgh with the hashtag  #PGHNeedsUber and asking them to contact their local officials.

Lyfts has been paying their drivers tickets and offering legal assistance.

Lyft said it will pay the the drivers' fines as well as legal assistance. "We are in conversations with local leaders in these cities and hope to identify a path forward that will allow ridesharing to thrive," a representative told Fast Company. "These communities have all expressed excitement and enthusiasm around Lyft's arrival as a safe, fun and reliable transportation option."

Uber will also reportedly be covering drivers' fines.

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