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Facebook Users Can Now Order Food, Request An Appointment, Get A Quote

Facebook is becoming a little bit of everything to consumers, announcing users can order food, request an appointment, get a quote and buy tickets to movies and events.

In a blog post Wednesday (Oct. 19), Facebook announced a bunch of new initiatives to help users. “Today, we’re starting to introduce a variety of new features that help you use those connections to discover new things in the world around you, decide what to do or where to go and connect with local businesses in easier and faster ways,” Facebook said in the blog post.

One of the new initiatives, dubbed Recommendations, is a feature that makes it easier for users to get and organize recommendations from family and friends in one place. When users write a Facebook post looking for advice on local places or services, they will have the option to turn on Recommendations for the post. If the feature is turned on, the recommendations will be mapped out and saved in one place.

Another new service is the ability to discover local events and local things happening near the Facebook users. “You can catch up on the latest events activity from friends and hosts and browse event recommendations based on what’s popular with friends or events you’ve connected with in the past. This new version of the events dashboard will start to roll out in the U.S. in the coming weeks,” Facebook said in the blog post.

Other services Facebook announced include ordering food from restaurants directly from their Facebook pages, the ability to request an appointment with a local business and the ability to get a quote from a local business as well. Facebook users, starting this fall, can buy movie tickets straight from Facebook pages.



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