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Gubagoo Now Integrates With Facebook Messenger

Gubagoo, the provider of solutions to the automotive industry, announced Friday (Oct. 21) that it now offers complete and seamless integration with Facebook Messenger. Gubagoo is one of the first chat providers in the automotive industry to offer this feature on the world’s largest social network, which has nearly 1.7 billion users to date. The new functionality is the latest in a series of innovations from Gubagoo that make it easier and faster for auto dealerships to engage and convert consumers. Gubagoo’s Facebook Messenger integration is available immediately to dealerships using Gubagoo solutions.

“Today, consumers spend an average of 50 minutes a day using Facebook platforms, including Facebook Messenger — that is one-sixteenth of their waking time,” said Brad Title, CEO of Gubagoo, in a press release. “At Gubagoo, we are relentlessly focused on helping auto dealers connect and engage more effectively, in real time, with their customers, and Facebook Messenger is, increasingly, where consumers are making their connections. With this new integration, customers can chat with dealerships like they chat with their friends. Better engagement equals better customer service equals increased sales conversion.”

The new integration with Facebook Messenger gives customers another channel through which they can directly communicate with auto dealerships using Gubagoo’s 24/7 fully managed messaging capabilities. Gubagoo’s customers can push inventory and offers directly through Facebook Messenger, and because it integrates with Gubagoo’s mobile app, dealerships will have real-time access to conversations taking place between customers and Gubagoo chat operators. Dealerships using Gubagoo can now do the following through Facebook Messenger: send inventory, push video, publish offers, book service appointments and take calls.

The company noted that it tracks and scores over 22 million car buyers every month through its B.E.A.S.T. scoring technology and generates over 125,000 leads to dealerships every month. The company’s online selling tools include ChatSmart, TalkSmart and the recently launched and integrated RESQ platform for web and phone. RESQ also enables dealerships to monitor chat conversations in real time.



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