Victoria’s Secret Plans to Offer NFTs in Metaverse

Victoria’s Secret has applied to offer items for sale in the metaverse, which could include online clothes and digital collectibles, Coinspeaker reported Tuesday (Feb. 15).

Victoria’s Secret joins a list of recognizable names from the fashion industry entering the virtual world.

This comes as a trademark attorney, Michael Kondoudis, said on Twitter that the company had filed trademark applications for metaverse activities including selling products like “virtual undergarments, footwear and fashion accessories,” in the form of nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

A second trademark attorney also announced that there were four applications for trademarks.

NFTs saw a decline at the beginning of February after hitting highs in January. But there has been mainstream corporate interest in them, as well as in the metaverse, in recent weeks, with other companies like Gucci pushing virtual real estate.

McDonald’s has also filed applications to open virtual restaurants. The descriptions include “operating a virtual restaurant featuring actual and virtual goods” and “operating a virtual restaurant online featuring home delivery.”

PYMNTS wrote that Miller Lite had also opened up a space in the metaverse, which was debuted as the Super Bowl took place.

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The Meta Lite Bar as it is called, lets patrons 21 and up access Miller Lite’s “Big Game” ad in the metaverse.

“While many brands are showing up in the metaverse right now, Miller Lite is doing things differently by keeping one foot in the virtual world and another in the real world,” Sofia Colucci, global vice president of the Miller family of brands, said in the release.

She said the Meta Lite Bar will encourage “real life hangouts over real life beer” through giving guests a way to socialize.

The bar also had some NFTs it could give out and Virtual Cheers for Real Beers giveaways that let users have ways to earn money.