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Q1 2017

The OmniReadi Index™, powered by Vantiv, was designed to quantify the consistency between the Web and in-store shopping experience and determine if the mobile channel is helping, hurting or simply neutral to the overall situation. 

Key Findings include: 

The overall Index score increased from 67.4 to 67.6 this quarter, as a result of the mid, lower and bottom 10 merchants warming up to being omnireadi.

While Sporting Goods retailers again emerged on top, their score fell from 76.6 in Q3 2016 to 75.8 in Q4 2016. 

Product reviews and quick checkout continue to be a stumbling block for top 10 merchants.

The Index also features an interview with Scott Emmons, head of innovation at Neiman Marcus, who is helping the retail giant become omnireadi one feature at a time. Staying relevant and becoming omnireadi is a process fraught with experiments and failure, Emmons said, sharing the lessons Neiman Marcus has learned in its years developing omnichannel features that are helping the company stay competitive. 

past indexes

Q1 2017


Seventeen merchants improved their OmniReadi Index scores, 70 remained the same and 17 saw their scores decrease.
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Q4 2016


merchants improved their omnireadi index scores while 34 merchants saw their scores decrease.
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91- 88%

Product Purchase.
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The number of firms with a score below 30 more than doubled, from four in Q4 2015 to 10 in Q3 2016.
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JUNE 2016


The gap between bad to average and good scores widened signicantly from 40.4 in Q4 2015 to 50 in Q2 2016.
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december 2015


(trillion) Amount of Web and mobile-influenced retail sales by 2017.
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october 2015


Underperforming merchants now offer apps.
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july 2015


of all merchants included in the study allowed customers to make purchases in-store, online and on an app.
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