On The Agenda: The Digital Transformation of Treasury

J. P. Morgan: Using Transaction Data To Help Merchants Optimize Cash Flow

Wednesday 7th October - 4:02 am EDT
As merchants accelerate their digitization roadmaps, the volume of data they’re able to work with increases. But data in payment transactions provides an often-untapped opportunity for merchants to optimize their payment ...
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J. P. Morgan’s Max Neukirchen: Data Is Key To Helping Retail CFOs Manage Cash In An Omnichannel World

Friday 2nd October - 4:00 am EDT
The holiday shopping season is headed for an early start, but that’s not the only factor behind why this year’s peak commerce season will look different than years past. Unprecedented surges ...
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J.P. Morgan On The Digital Transformation Of Corporate Liquidity Management

Tuesday 8th September - 4:00 am EDT
The rise of the coronavirus has spotlighted the need for corporate treasurers to make real-time decisions about cash management. J.P. Morgan’s Head of Global Liquidity Product Solutions Specialists, Lori Schwartz, told ...
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J.P. Morgan: Why Working-Capital Trade Finance Is On The Rise

Tuesday 4th August - 4:02 am EDT
Although the 2008 financial crisis jolted the world economy, the financial conditions leading up to the disruption had been a long time coming. It’s perhaps the biggest economic difference between then ...
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J.P. Morgan: Treasurers Are Critical To Helping Firms Plan For Business Resiliency

Thursday 25th June - 4:03 am EDT
With the global pandemic tossing many organizations into a digitization crash-course, business continuity has remained top of mind for the C-suite. It will continue to be a focus, too, as ...
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How Digital Payments Drive Customer Loyalty

J.P. Morgan: How Payments Drive Customer Loyalty Amid A Digitization Push

Thursday 14th May - 4:03 am EDT
Amid a sudden and dramatic shift in consumer shopping behavior, merchants across all industries have been forced to react quickly. The pandemic required digitization for many businesses to keep revenue ...
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J.P. Morgan On Corporate Treasurers And Their ‘Digitization Journey’

Tuesday 14th April - 4:03 am EDT
The digital transformation of corporate treasury is not a destination; it’s a journey. In an interview with Karen Webster, Sairam Rangachari, global head of Digital Channels and Open Banking, Wholesale Payments ...
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Meeting Corporate Treasurers Where They Are To Get Them Where They Need To Be

Tuesday 17th March - 4:00 am EDT
The importance of the corporate treasurer role today cannot be understated. A keeper of corporate coffers and a strategic partner to the CEO, the corporate treasurer is now stepping toward ...
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J.P. Morgan: Real-Time Treasury A Key Driver Of Corporate’s Loyalty

Wednesday 12th February - 4:00 am EDT
In the last decade since the global financial crisis, the corporate treasury function has undergone a dramatic transformation. What was once a siloed area of the enterprise that was focused ...
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