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SnapLogic and AWS Team on Data Management Solutions

SnapLogic is collaborating with Amazon Web Services to offer businesses turnkey data management solutions globally, the companies announced on Monday (Nov. 20). 

At the forefront of this collaboration is SnapGPT, a generative integration that uses both open-source and proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), SnapLogic said in a press release. SnapLogic has also integrated Anthropic’s large language model (LLM), Claude 2, through Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that provides access to foundation models (FMs) from leading AI companies via an API. This integration enables customers to leverage the latest LLMs available in the market.

SnapGPT offers customers the ability to expedite the development of integration pipelines, generate sample data, create SQL queries, and automate complex tasks without the need for coding. It extends SnapLogic’s application and data integration platform, enabling the transformation and movement of large volumes of data and seamless connectivity between hundreds of applications. SnapLogic’s low-code platform allows companies to connect any data source and application quickly.

Jason Wakeam, vice president, partner sales and OEM at SnapLogic, expressed enthusiasm about the deepened collaboration with AWS, emphasizing the benefits it brings to customers.

“This collaboration allows organizations to choose generative integration solutions that leverage the scale and security provided by AWS, meeting the unique needs of their business,” he said in a statement.

“We are delighted to be working with SnapLogic,” said Mona Chadha, director, infrastructure partnerships at AWS. “This agreement will empower our customers to seamlessly connect, transform, and integrate their data, further enhancing the value of cloud. Together, we aim to deliver innovative, cloud-native generative integration solutions that drive business agility and help organizations thrive in an increasingly data-driven world.”

PYMNTS reported on the SnapLogic’s launch of SnapGPT earlier this year.

Using SnapGPT, business users can specify the integrations they would like to achieve. The generative AI solution then creates the necessary processing flows, expressions or scripts, PYMNTS reported in March

For example, SnapLogic said in a press release at the time, when a “quote to cash” product owner says in natural language that they would like to automatically create an invoice in NetSuite when an event is completed in, SnapGPT provides the complete pipeline to complete the task.

“SnapGPT is the next evolution, using AI to forever change the way integration is done and how businesses get the maximum benefits out of their enterprise automation,” SnapLogic CEO Gaurav Dhillon said in the release at the time.